I’m 8 days away from surgery now and doing all my last-things with my old hip. Last trip to Costco. Last workout at the gym. Last Monday getting up and going to work. It’s so exciting to think about doing all of those things again as Version 2.0 of myself. I had my trainer take… Continue reading Lasts


The last two days have been really emotional. I’ve been so caught up in being excited and getting prepared that I haven’t had time to feel much else, but meeting with the surgeon and anesthetist has me a little rattled. Nothing they said specifically, but just the reality kind of hitting me. My anxiety is… Continue reading Anxiety

2 weeks

I saw the anesthetist today. He was equivocal on whether to do a spinal or general given the status of my spinal cord, which is “slightly tethered” per MRI in 2016. He spoke to the anesthetist who did my spinal in 2012 for E’s birth and he said he would do it again, as would… Continue reading 2 weeks

December 21

I haven’t blogged in a long time because I find that writing negative things makes me feel negative. So since I had nothing positive or even documentary to share, I just didn’t. I had an uneventful meeting with the “navigator” on September 5 which I found frustrating because I learned that I was only being… Continue reading December 21


I had the CT scan on July 27 and had diarized to call my surgeon next week if I hadn’t heard from him. Well, they called today. I have to meet a “navigator” on September 5. I am not sure what this person’s role is. The receptionist said “to help you fill out paperwork and… Continue reading Waiting


Today I went for the pre-operative blood work and ECG. My CT scan is on July 27, to determine the size and type of implant I’ll need and how much bone there is to work with, etc. The hospital where I’ll be having my surgery is beautiful. Full of natural light and bringing the outdoors… Continue reading Preparation