I had the CT scan on July 27 and had diarized to call my surgeon next week if I hadn’t heard from him. Well, they called today. I have to meet a “navigator” on September 5. I am not sure what this person’s role is. The receptionist said “to help you fill out paperwork and… Continue reading Waiting


Today I went for the pre-operative blood work and ECG. My CT scan is on July 27, to determine the size and type of implant I’ll need and how much bone there is to work with, etc. The hospital where I’ll be having my surgery is beautiful. Full of natural light and bringing the outdoors… Continue reading Preparation


In an intersectional feminist group that I’m in on Facebook, people were talking about identity first versus person first language in describing people with disabilities. Several members are strong advocates for identity first language (e.g. disabled, autistic) because they feel their disability is so closely tied to their identity and because saying that they “have”… Continue reading Identity


Had a really hard morning. It’s beautiful and sunny here, the kind of day where I would normally hop on my (super cool, electric, adaptive) bike and ride to work, feeling the breeze on my skin and enjoying the sounds and sights of my neighbourhood. Instead I woke up, didn’t get more than 3 steps… Continue reading Tears